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Crack, Back & Sack
Feature film - 2013

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Christian leaves his hometown for Oslo to finish his studies, but moves in with two guys who turns out being big time pick up artists. Despite his endless objections, Karl and Leo decides to give Christian a complete makeover, teaching him the tricks of the trade and changing him into the kind of guy girls wants to sleep with. Both crack, back and sack needs a shave, and everything he's been taught so far in lives needs to be flushed out and reset. It's time for the razor sharp truth about life.

Pornopung is based on the best selling Norwegian novel Pornopung by Mads Larsen. It premiered in Norwegian cinemas 19th of July 2013, and was honoured as the best Norwegian film of 2013 by NATT&DAG. In addition the film won both Kanonprisen and Amandaprisen for best male supporting character for Herbert Nordrum's performance as Karl.

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Starring: Ole Christoffer Ertvaag, Herbert Nordrum, Anders Rydning, Gitte Witt, Kristina Knaben Hennestad & Marte Sæteren.
Directed by: Johan Kaos.
Written by: Johan Kaos, Harald Mæle jr. & Mads Larsen.
Produced by: Ravn Wikhaug & Johan Kaos for Feil Film AS.
Executive producers: Henrik Nåden Dyrstad, Pål Granlund, Jørn Landbakk
Co-producers: Gary Cranner, Kjetil Omberg
Cinematography by: Peirik
Film editing by: Gary Cranner, Reidar Ewing, Johan Kaos, Erik Andersson
Sound design by: Willy Hetland
Music by: Nils Martin Larsen
Production design by: Liv Ask
Costume design by: Nell Knudsen
Make up by: Nina Elise Johansen
Casting by: Camilla Casting