ALLEMED i frivilligheten

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Campaign - 2016
Client: Nasjonal dugnad mot fattigdom og utenforskap blant barn og unge (NDFU)

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Children from lower income families often get excluded from social, cultural and athletic activities. ALLEMED is a national campaign launched to help organizations and municipalities include those who may be excluded today.

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We've made 7 short videos about 7 different ways children are excluded, from expensive equipment, trips and membership fees to social stigma, mental absence, dropouts failure in recruitment. We've also made a summary video for the campaign as a total (at the bottom of this page) and versions for tv.

NDFU is a collaboration between Norges Idrettsforbund, Redd Barna, KFUK-KFUM, , Frelsesarmeen, UNICEF, Frivillighet Norge, Kirkens Bymisjon, Røde Kors and many other organizations working with children and youth in Norway. The campaign is funded by The Ministry of Culture and Gjensidigestiftelsen.


Starring: Tobias Santelmann, Janne Heltberg & Bjørn Myrene,
along with a bunch of great kids

Directed, produced and edited by: Johan Kaos
Written by: Johan Kaos & Harald Mæle jr.
Cinematography by: Peirik
Sound design by: Willy Hetland

Project manager at NDFU: Line Olea Kristiansen