MASTER: Film-Norge

Master thesis


Film-Norge: et sosiologisk blikk på det norske filmfeltet
Master thesis - 2016

Read/download the thesis here (in Norwegian).

Film-Norge is my master thesis in film and television science at Lillehammer University College. This thesis is an attempt to understand the Norwegian field of film production, with a basis in Solhjell and Øien's (2012) model of the Norwegian field of arts.

The background for the thesis is an observation of a complex and unique field without a valid sociological model. The main focus in the thesis has been on feature films in the current (day's) production field, and the roles and positions of directors, producers/production companies and the Norwegian Film Institute within the field. The study's main method has been qualitative interviews, using a strategic selection of informants. Additionally I have utilized examples of the field's own public discourse.

The results indicate an understanding of the field of Norwegian film production as a social field that can be divided into three subfields: The exclusive, the commercial and the inclusive subfield. Each subfield has its own specific set of values and ways to rank its agents.


The exclusive subfield represents the values of the arts, and its agents fight for symbolic capital in the form of artistic recognition. The commercial subfield represents commercial values, and its agents' fight for economic capital. The inclusive subfield represents political values and political capital. Agents are likely to belong to the subfield, which for them contains the most relevant rules. Agents may move both within and between the subfields during their careers.

A sociological model of this kind might contribute significantly to the understanding of Norwegian film production as a social field.

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