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Jeg <3 naturen

Campaign - 2017
Client: KFUK-KFUM-speiderne

KFUK-KFUM-speiderne wanted a video to help them recruit new boys- and girls scouts. A fundamental part of being a scout is being outdoors: Learning, exploring, inventing and discovering the possibilities of the nature. This often results in former scouts having a deep love for the wild, even as they grow up. So we decided to make a love letter to the nature.

We made this video together with a real troop of girl scouts while on a weekend long trek in the Asker woods.


Written, directed, produced and edited by: Johan Kaos
Cinematography by: August Fabritius Sanengen
Sound design by: Willy Hetland

Project manager at KFUK-KFUM-speiderne: Ragnhild Erevik Fosse